The Audew Company (commonly referred to as Audew) is a privately held, the multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics, automotive chemicals, plastics, and various electrical components.

1.Company Initiative
Since its establishment in 2013, Audwe has been committed to providing high-quality Automotive Accessories to customers. We design affordable, functional products that get the latest equipment and devices for your vehicles; while making your car live just a little bit intelligently and more safety.

2.Company Background
From 2014 to 2019, our team has more than 500 people including engineer, designer, and seller work in the US, China, France, United Kingdom, Canada, and India. We have five offices in six countries, all working together to provide the best support for our customers. As AUDEW continues to grow, our services will reach out to more people.

3.Company Product
Audew focuses on the research of auto tool accessories, it has carried out a number of professional production lines, such as air pumps, starters, covers, vacuum cleaners, lights, etc, up to tens of products in each category. Audew products have occupied a certain position in the auto and motorcycle accessories market. While actively designing and developing new products, we listen to customers' opinions to find product issues, continuously optimize and upgrade the product;  In order to provide customers with better product quality, we could even make five upgrade optimizations for individual products;

4.Company Patent and Intellectual Property
Audew has registered the trademark in the United States, Europe, Australia, India, and China, and owned more than 20 product appearance patents and invention patents. We respect and have a strong willingness to safeguard intellectual property rights.